Fisher Printing, Inc

A garage on Chicago’s South Side was the site of the original Fisher Printing operation. The year was 1933 and Willard “Pete” Fischer, then 21 years old, restored a hand-fed-sheet-fed press and began taking orders for the printing of sales receipts.

The door-to-door circular business got off the ground later in the 30’s when the Carnation Milk Company approached Willard to form a printing partnership. This joint venture took off immediately, with Carnation selling the ad program and Fisher printing the circular pieces. The business began  to blossom, and at the same time Fisher Printing opened up new areas of printing which are still served by today’s company.

By the end of World War II the corporation was specializing in commercial printing of advertising circulars. Unable to meet the demands of a growing business, the enterprising Fischer family purchased its first web offset press.

After three moves to accommodate their expanding market Willard “Pete” Fischer opened our current facility in 1947. After years of long hours and  under staffed company, Willard “Pete” Fischer sons, Thomas and Willard J. Fischer joined the company in 1970. Since the arrival of Thomas and Willard J. Fischer, we have expanded one more time. This new operation was opened up in Orange, California by Willard J. Fischer in 1981.